Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The good life

So we're very near to buying our first house. We're also well above the average age of buying your first house, but hell, things got in the way! Plus we love where we live.

It's going to be a big change, we currently live in suburbia near to shops and town and all that buzz. My best friend is also my next door neighbour, we even run a small business from her house. We're leaving all this to move rurally to the countryside. We'll be about 10 mins drive to a bigish town and 30 mins from the city. My friends will still be near enough as we're staying in the same county. I can't say I'm not terrified about this move. Leaving everything we know behind. I'm pretty involved in the community here and I'm not sure there's a massive one where we're going. I'm pretty ok at putting myself out there so hopefully I can make some friends. I won't be able to walk to the shop, or to the school and I'm pretty sure there'll be a lack of vegan treats available to me! I'm also lying awake alot at nights, worrying about it all!

BUT, it's a dream we've had for years. Think Tom and Barbra in 'The good life' - chickens, fresh veg, space all that carry on. I know alot of 'townies' move to the country and get a big shock when it's not all they imagined it to be. I'm a firm believer in having and following your dreams. No matter what they are. I'm not so sure that in my drinking days I'd have had the courage to actually make the move. And I know it's going to be mentally easier for me to adjust to our new life without hangovers and cravings and worry about what I did in front of the new neighbours. I'm not expecting it to be easy but I sure as hell know it'll be alot easier than before.

Contracts aren't signed yet but we're going in the right direction so cross your fingers for us!



  1. Dear MTTS,
    Exciting and scary all at the same time!
    A friend of mine bought a small hobby farm and they love it.
    They have goats, chickens, and I think a few small pigs.
    I know it will take some adjustment at first, but I think you will love the peace of the country!
    If you get lonely you can write and we will be here to perk you up!!

  2. Wow! A huge shift! But it sounds very exciting, and like somthing you know you want!

    How lovely.

  3. This sounds amazing and just what I would love to do myself. My family own a large farm in Meath and growing up it was always a dream for me (the only one raised in a town in England) so maybe the dream is stronger for me.
    I wish you every success and happiness in your new home. I hope it fulfills all your hopes and dreams for you and your family.

  4. It's been over a year, how is "The Good Life" treating you? Updates please.